This charge covers the trip charge and diagnosis of your  out-of-warranty appliance. This is a one time charge for the current problem. If a secondary trip is required to complete the repair, you are not required to pay again. Service call payment is due on the day of the initial service visit. 





Due to the fact that every service call is unique depending on the problem and installation, labor cost vary. An ice maker replacement is much different from a bearing replacement on a washing machine. Our staff will let you know the cost of the complete service prior to repair.





The costs of parts varies on brand and model of your appliance. We provide parts at that manufactures suggested retail price provided by our distributor. Part warranties vary based on manufacturer and repair; please ask our staff about warranty coverage for your repair.


Payments are accepted via cash or check. Checks should be made out to Apollo Appliance Repair.

full Payment is due at the completion of repair.

We are not accepting credit/debit card payment at this time. We Apologize for the inconvenience.